Byzantine Conclave No.44

Warranted 2nd March 1871 - Consecrated 2nd March 1871

Held at Freemasons' Hall, Leicester

On the first Thursday in October, December and March

Enthronement meeting in March


Byzantine Conclave was honoured on the 5th October 2017 by a visit by the Intendant-General Rt Ill Kt S John Manby shown here (l to r) with Ill Kt Charles Tassell (Recorder), E Kt Mike England (Viceroy), Rt Ill Kt John Manby, M P Kt David Crocker (Sovereign), Ill Kt Richard Johnson (Sovereign of Dykes Conclave No.36 in Durham), Ill Kt Mark Glover (High Prelate) and Ill Kt Noel Manby (Marshal)