Sepulchre Guard Mess

On 28th November 2019, both present and past members of the East Midlands Divisional Sepulchre Guard of the Masonic and Military Order of the Red Cross of Constantine, mustered for the biennial Sepulchre Guard Mess. The event was held at The Boat Inn, Stoke Bruerne by kind permission of P. Kt. Andrew Woodward.

Captain of the Guard, W. Kt. Stuart Morgan with the help of past Captain, W. Kt. Roger Boylan had organised the event and a total of twenty members of the Order enjoyed a sumptuous five course meal accompanied by the finest wines.

One of the highlights of the evening was the ritual sabraging of several bottles of champagne prior to the meal: all attempts were skilfully executed!

fter the meal, the Intendant-General, R. Ill. Kt. John Manby announced that the Captain of the Guard, W. Kt. Stuart Morgan and his Deputy, Dominic Willmott would both be standing down in May after three years' service in their respective roles and their replacements would be W. Kt. Mark Meade as Captain and W. Kt. John Stock as Deputy Captain.

Back row L to R

W. Kt. Clive Thorpe; W. Kt. William Hutchison; Ill. Kt. John White; W. Kt. David Watson; Ill. Kt. Peter Green; W. Kt. Mark Meade; Ill. Kt. Keith Stevens; P. Kt. Graham Minett; P. Kt. Chris Mullen; E. Kt. Dominic Willmott; W. Kt. Paul Winchester; W. Kt. Nigel Penney; W. Kt. Roger Boylan; Ill. Kt. Tim Almond

Front row L to R

V. Ill. Kt. Michael Robinson, W. Kt. Stuart Morgan, R. Ill. Kt. John Manby, R. Ill. Kt. Max Bayes, P. Kt. Trevor Boswell, P. Kt. Andrew Woodward

L to R

W. Kt. Stuart F. Morgan, Captain of the Sepulchre Guard; V. Ill. Kt. Michael A. Robinson, P.G.H.Alm., Deputy Intendant-General; R. Ill. Kt. S. John Manby, Intendant-General East Midlands; R. Ill. Kt. Maxwell W. Bayes, Past Intendant-General East Midlands