When installed as a Knight Companion, the Regalia consists of a purple sash and breast jewel:

RCC Knight Companions Jewel

RCC Knight Companions Sash

RCC Knight Companions Jewel RCC Knight Companions Sash

RCC Knight Companions Old Regalia

(apron no longer in use)
RCC Knight Companions Old Regalia

On reaching the status of a Knight of the Holy Sepulchre and of St. John the Evangelist, a new style is adopted, which predominates over all other regalia thereafter. In the case of a Knight Companion of the Orders, it comprises a breast jewel, worn on the left breast secondary to that of Constantine, which depicts a black Eagle (passant regardent to the sinister); supporting a black lozenge bound by a looped gilt cord, and charged with two gilt Crosses Potent, one within the other suspended from a white ribbon. The sash is of white watered silk with black tassels, and bearing the symbols of an Eagle in black (as on the jewel), the circular Emblem of St. John in silver, and a lozenge in black (as on the jewel).

K.H.S. Jewel

K.H.S. Sash

KHS Jewel KHS Sash

A Commander or Past Commander wears a jewel on the left breast (as for a Knight Companion) suspended from a white ribbon, but supporting a black Jerusalem Cross surmounted by a black Imperial Crown. The sash worn is that of a Knight Companion, with the addition of a black Imperial Crown above the Eagle.

Divisional Officers Sash

Grand Officers Sash

Divisional Officers Sash Grand Officers Sash

A Divisional Officer wears the breast jewel of his rank, while his sash is edged with crimson cord, and bears the name of the Division (in crimson) on an arc between the Eagle and the Emblem of St. John.

Grand Officers wear a collarette, from which is suspended the jewel, bearing the Eagle (of a Knight Companion) in gilt surmounted by an Imperial Crown in crimson and gold; supporting a Cross Potent with a Cross Flory diagonally across the angles in gold, charged with a black Jerusalem Cross within a circlet, bearing the words 'Grand Council' in gold. The sash is that of a Commander, but with gold tassels and differentiated by a border of black braid having two gold stripes; the Imperial Crown of crimson and gold, the Eagle and Emblem of St. John in gold, and the Cross Potent emblem (as on the jewel) in black.